We are a Non Profit Social Promotion Association


We believe in the freedom and dignity of every human being , in equality of rights and social justice , in respect for differences , in the rights of the earth , in coexistence and equality between peoples.

We believe in the value of knowledge and cultures , in freedom of thought and expression .

We believe in a nonviolent , welcoming and supportive society, secular and pluralist , capable of achieving coexistence and social cohesion

We believe that it is possible to ensure well- being for all, to distribute resources fairly , to link the economy to respect for common goods , the environment , social and labor rights.

We have been part of the ARCI National Association Network since 2015: we are heirs of an ancient mutualistic tradition and a long association history , that of the popular and anti- fascist movements that have contributed to building and consolidating Italian democracy based on the Constitution.

We have faith in people , in their ability to contribute to a better future , where there is no longer room for the injustice that the world is full of today. We work for the social and cultural animation of local communities , immersed in the changes that go through them; we want to be a laboratory of ideas and practices for change .


… Promote and protect the right to free associations , favoring the collective action of citizens in the general interest;

… Promote recreation and culture , good sociability , quality of human relationships and lifestyles, culture and practice of rights, responsibility and active citizenship;

… Promote democratic participation through free membership in the Association, the free expression of Members and the accessibility of corporate offices.


The ARTeficIO is a Cultural Center active since 2017 in the center of Turin dedicated to the expression of all forms ART istica as music , theater, photography, painting, dance, and to the expression ofIO understood as free use and personalization of a space ideal for meeting with established artists or young people seeking opportunities, as well as for private or corporate events, classes and workshops.

the ARTeficIO is a place of confrontation , hybridization , clash and encounter.

the ARTeficIO is animated by technique and passion , it is a place of creation and listening , it is an opportunity for socializing and contamination between generations, cultures and ideas .


The collective of the ARTeficIO is part of a wider community and a territory of which we are actors and companions of many other actors and organizations.

We are a point of reference for a central and at the same time marginal area of our city whose redevelopment we have taken care of in a perspective of urban , social and cultural regeneration.

We constitute a constant , gentle and dynamic presence, capable of welcoming and presiding over, sensitive and strong, which places relationships , people and freedom in its individual and collective forms at the center.

We are in constant relationship and discussion with our Stakeholders , from local institutions, to individual citizens of the territory, from the network of associations and connected groups, to the individual and collective artists we host and with whom we collaborate, from our Members and Partners, to the staff and to volunteer collaborators.

At l’ARTeficIO associations , organizations , groups and individuals are at home.


The ARTeficIO is first of all a community of people.

Almost 1,300 members and associates joined the Association in 2019 by constantly participating in its activities and animating the life of the Cultural Center with their direct commitment as volunteers, managers, artists or even simply by choosing the ARTeficIO as a place for socializing, exchange and relationship.

The associative base of the ARTeficIO reflects the inclusive and egalitarian spirit inspiring the Association with a substantial gender equality. Most of the Members reside in the Province of Turin (84%) and to a large extent in Turin City (65%).

Governance is entrusted by the Shareholders’ Meeting which meets at least twice a year to an electively appointed Executive.

Participation and debate are ensured by the full accessibility of the Association by the Members in all its operational and administrative aspects.


During the second season of life (2018/2019), almost 80 live concerts took place at the ARTeficIO , around 30 theatrical performances, as well as 5 exhibitions of photos and sculptures lasting about 15 days each.

The review of the public initiatives of l’ARTeficIO in our EVENTS ARCHIVE

These activities have been complemented by courses and internships with artistic and creative content (dance, theater, showcooking, restoration, yoga and meditation), as well as numerous lectures, workshops, book presentations and readings promoted both directly by the Association and by the